Human Food – Plankton Algán


Plancton Algán®

Plancton Algan® is a food made from micro-alage of the species Tetraselmis chuii 100%. This gourmet-food is a natural and healthy flavor enhancer that will give your dishes an intense and pleasant taste of the sea.

The applications of Plancton Algan® are endless, let your creativity fly and experience the potential of this food. It will surprise you!.

Do not fear if you have any intolerance or allergy because Plancton Algán® is an allergen-free and completely healthy product.

Plankton Algán® has the Novel Food certificate (Nº RGSEEA 24.001970 / A)

Plancton Algán - Arroces Plancton Algán - Carnes Plancton Algán - Pasta Plancton Algán - Pescado Plancton Algán - Salsas

"Plancton Algán® is a food with a high nutritional level that gives your dishes an exquisite taste of the sea"

Nutritional Information 100g
Energy Value 340KCal / 1421KJ
Fats: 7,5g
Saturated fatty acids 2,2g
Monounsaturated fatty acids 1,2g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 4,1g
Carbohydrates: 31g
Sugars 0g
Ash 15g
Proteins 38g
Salt 4,2g

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1: Pour the plankton into a container and add water little by little until a homogenous texture is obtained, there should not be any lumps, otherwise you should continue mixing and adding water if necessary.

2: For good hydration you should mix 25ml of water for each 10g of plankton, depending on its preparation we can moisturize it with more or less quantity of water to intensify its flavor.

3: The plankton once hydrated can be kept covered with a film, it can also be kept cold (refrigerator) with a period of 24 hours.

4: The hydrated plankton can be used raw (without cooking) and incorporated into the rest of the ingredients that are going to be used.

5: If you are going to cook it hot, you should incorporate the hydrated paste once the fire is off, it is not recommended to bring it to a boil because it would lose part of all its nutritional properties.

Any questions or queries about Plankton Algan, do not hesitate to contact us!