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Micro-Algae on

Health and Sport Nutrition Industry

While microalgae are fast growing (primary products), many desirable chemicals are the product of secondary metabolism.

Consumers seek to control diseases (for example, Cholesterol, heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer) with products synthesized by microalgae.

Traditionally, nutritional supplements derived from plants have been used and predominated in the market. However, algae are being researched and recognized as nutritional supplements. Microalgae have a higher quality protein than other plant sources, for example, wheat, rice and legumes.

Chlorella algae is used as protection against kidney failure and intestinal infections, caused by lactobacilli, with a medicinal value.

The future of microalgae in the manufacturing sector could be limited to chemical products.

For chemical products that are produced by microalgae, it is necessary to develop new strains (present a rapid growth and a high concentration of chemical products) as Green Bio System One has already achieved.


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