Aquaristics – Phytoplankton Algbloom

Algbloom, fitoplancton para acuarios

Phytoplankton for aquariums


The Algbloom product range is a phytoplankton composed of micro-algae of the species Tetraselmis chui 100%.

This micro-algae is characterized by its high protein content among other compounds. Its great nutritional value makes it ideal for good nutrition, fattening and coloring of our aquarium, making it to look the best possible. It can be found in different formats (lyophilized, alive or gel concentration).

"The phytoplankton Algbloom product range feeds from the first link of the trophic chain, guaranteeing a complete feeding of our aquarium living organisms"


We have different formats getting adapted to the needs of the client. We currently produce 4 phytoplankton formats. Keep reading for more information or visit

BloomDry - Fitoplancton Liofilizado

Phytoplankton Lyophilized

BloomLife - Fitoplancton Vivo


BloomPlus - Fitoplancton Concentrado

Phytoplankton Concentrated

BloomPremium - Fitoplancton Altamente Concentrado

Phytoplankton Highly Concentrated

If you are looking for larger quantities of Algbloom, contact us through the contact form.