HoneyPark, The first self-sustainable park in the world

Honeypark, el primer parque sostenible

The first self-sustainable park in the world


Honeypark is the first "Self-Sustainable Park" capable of combining clean industry and natural lifestyle.

A business network that conforms a “Sustainable” green park with “Circular Economy” that provides great added value to the nutraceutical and health markets, with high efficiency for industries and high business scalability.

A new autonomous environment that can be implemented under any climatology and remote areas such as deserts, arid zones, arctic, rural and even urban areas.


"HoneyPark is a demonstration that we can live in a clean and green way. Developing more nature and using clean energies we develop industries with high added value, more efficient, sustainable and profitable"

HoneyPark is the essence of what the world is so in desperate need of.

With our microalgae cultivation plants, clean energy, water purification plants at different levels we achieve a self-sufficient economic flow capable of supplying the entire industrial park.

Healthy nutrition is one of the fundamental bases of HoneyPark. Therefore we have agricultural, livestock and aquaculture areas, which prepared with advanced technologies produces naturally high quality products without chemical additives or genetic changes.

We are committed to truly sustainable development and education. Therefore, we have R & D laboratories and offices open to students and universities, thus creating research groups in different fields based on collaboration and knowledge transfers.

The park has accommodation, leisure and relaxation areas, restaurants, water parks and spa, as well as green areas and lakes, creating a natural and pleasant environment away from pollution.

With this park we show the world that it is possible to live in an environment of great industrial and natural value.

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