Why Micro-Algae?

Micro-Algae. the Future

We live in a world with serious environmental and social problems. Pollution continues to grow today causing serious damage to our planet, to which we must add climate change, the greenhouse gas effect, acid rain, the rapid pollution of seas and oceans, the accumulation of garbage and the lack of recycling systems , the increase of droughts, the systems of generation of energy, the great population growth and the world-wide feeding are very serious problems that increase exponentially every year and they are the priority we must solve.

Our microalgae cultivation plants provide the solutions to practically reduce the problems of our planet and cover all our food and social needs. But.... how?

Microalgae are photosynthetic micro-organisms capable of producing food from inorganic substances, being essential in the maintenance of life on Earth. They provide organic compounds with high nutritional value and oxygen to support the rest of life on the planet. Microalgae are the main source of photosynthetic production of the planet.

Its great "metabolic plasticity" and its rapid growth capacity allows it to be duplicated in a matter of hours, producing a biomass of great versatility in its applications. It is a BIOmass of very high economic interest for various markets such as human and animal feed, pharmacology, cosmetics, agriculture and livestock, hydroponics and aquaculture.

The most outstanding aspect of the cultivation of microalgae is economic, social and environmental self-sustainability in all economic sectors and easily scalable worldwide, with the creation of our parks.

More About Micro-Algae


What do microalgae cutivation plants provide?

The cultivation of microalgae brings not only the generation of BIOmass for products, but also to carry out environmental work that helps the planet.


The result of the cultivation of microalgae has a great versatility of direct application to different markets. Thanks to its composition rich in proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates, DHA, fiber, EPA, SOD, pigments and other natural components become a resource of great value for all types of sectors.

Our patented cultivation system guarantees that Micro-Algae grows completely free of genetic modifications and other additions, achieving a pure, high quality BIOmass Certified for all markets.


Our cultivation system of own patented design allows highly controlled production, accelerating the natural growth process without additives or genetic modifications, thus obtaining highly efficient cultivations free of bacteria, viruses and waste.

We are specialized in the cultivation of the species Tetraselmis chuii. This is one of the most complex existing microalgae from which the highest protein level is obtained. So our cultivation plants allow us to cultivate all types of microalgae covering all needs.


Micro-Algae requires sunlight and large amounts of CO2 to grow, producing large amounts of oxygen in exchange. Thanks to this operation, CO2 can be recycled and thus contribute enormously to the environment. In addition, Micro-Algae cleans and make water drinkable, so they can also be used for desalination plants and water treatment plants.

"Green Sea Bio System One is the demonstration that clean and green growth is possible"


Our commitment with the environment moves us with strength to carry out projects that help improve the world. Learn more about our projects.

We know the potential of microalgae in deep and as proof of this we have products made based on their BIOmass. Do you want to know more...?


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